About Us

We promote new decentralized technology and its development

We are in the “wild west” era of the infant crypto market. The lack of education, high market volatility, and uncertain regulatory environment are the biggest concerns. We are your partner to navigate through this.

SkyVision Capital (SVC) was founded with the mission to promote new, open decentralized technology and its development. We provide advisory services and a strong ecosystem to overcome barriers to allow you to succeed in your space. We will forge a strategic partnership with you to promote, develop, and deliver new, open decentralized technology and architecture.

We are LONG TERM holders and operators for the projects we invest in. We are with you until the end of the line.

We have deep technical knowledge, strong business experience and legal acumen in blockchain

We, at SkyVision Capital are strong, unyielding believers of digital assets and blockchain space. We are pioneers, having started to mine and trade cryptocurrency in 2013, and then heavily investing in ICOs since 2015.

Our team is comprised of experienced senior lawyers and financial analysts/bankers. We have deep technical knowledge, strong business experience, and legal acumen in blockchain. We are consultants to our partners and assist them with scaling their startups by jumpstarting their visions and acquiring funding.

We are your LAUNCH PAD and NAVIGATOR in the uncharted LEGAL territory of blockchain and decentralization. We do the due diligence and take care of the details, so you can focus on what you do best; disrupting the future.

Team up with our strong blockchain partners

We have an expansive ecosystem to CONNECT you to powerful relationships to scale your EXPOSURE.

Through our network and alliance with high profile Ventures, your project will be promoted by key influencers to reach over a million plus subscribers on Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Discord.